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Regional Equity Scenario

The Regional Equity Scenario focuses on projects that specifically advance the objective of creating a more equitable region. The Regional Equity scenario includes projects that ranked higher when additional weight was added to the equity metrics, as well as projects in Invest Health neighborhoods. These are areas within the community that experience persistent poverty or poor health outcomes based on social determinants of health. Projects in this scenario represent a more equitable use of transportation funding.   

Regional Equity projects lean away from investments that prioritize private vehicles and focus instead on those that help to reduce household transportation costs (e.g, supporting transit operations) or support greater connectivity to services within historically disadvantaged areas and neighborhoods. Examples of projects assigned to this scenario include the Westside Greenway Trail, Inverness Place Shared-Use Path, and Northside Greenway Connector.


This scenario does the most to improve affordability and provide more choices in how people travel. It supports key connections between neighborhoods and provides opportunities to improve health through more active transportation.  

View the complete project list for this scenario list here.

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