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New Connections Scenario

The New Connection Scenario expands the roadway network and creates new routes for all modes. The New Connections scenario includes larger projects like complete streets reconstruction and extensions and new trails and bridges. Projects that expand or significantly alter the collector and arterial network are generally more expensive; therefore, this scenario has fewer projects and more limited “quick-wins” compared to the other scenarios.


Examples of projects assigned to this scenario include the extension of Russell Street to I-90, a non-motorized bridge from McCormick Park to the Riverfront Triangle development, and reconfigurations of Brooks Street and Mullan Road to accommodate complete streets elements in certain areas.  

This scenario helps improve safety by creating complete streets and extending our trail network. It connects people to jobs and opportunities, and it creates important links in the freight network.

View the complete project list for this scenario list here.

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Missoula LRTP_New Connections Scenario M
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