Reserve Street Community Input

Welcome to the Reserve Street Community Input Project!  Please continue to visit this site for periodic updates, notice of upcoming public meetings, and related information.


The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization is engaging in a transparent, community-informed process to answer the question, “What will improve people’s experience with Reserve Street?”  This process will identify variables related to safety, access, comfort, and livability while understanding the current experiences and expectations of area residents, shoppers, employees, and other Reserve Street users.


Looking ahead, the project team will conduct focus groups and stakeholder interviews, and review relevant data.  The project will end with an event in late spring 2020, to share results of the project.  More information about this event will be forthcoming.   

Learn more about the Reserve Street Community Input Forum  here 

View the FAQs from the Community Input Forum here

Share you experience of Reserve Street here

COVID-19 Updates - April

In light of the City and County’s need to focus on pressing issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic the Reserve Street research project has been put on hold until further notice.  We will continue with the project once a sense of normalcy returns to our community. 

We have received some requests findings from the Community Forum held on January 29th at the Best Western.  As we mentioned at the Community Forum, this was not intended to be a normal public meeting, rather the beginning of a research process.  We designed the evening with a format that would update people on current plans, past plans and changes that the county is unable to make due to jurisdictions in the Reserve Street area.  It also was an information or data gathering session to inform the researchers as to topic areas to guide their investigation.  Thus, there are no findings from the evening at this time. 


Once normal business practices return to our county we will resume with focus groups and key informant interviews.  We will analyze the data and then host a final Community Education Event in which we share the results of the research. In the meantime, we have posted the final artist recordings on our website, along with some Frequently Asked Questions that came out of the forum.

A message from Commissioner Josh Slotnick

"Our top priority for Missoula County government is responding to the COVID-19 crisis. This is truly an all-hands-on-deck moment, and are currently evaluating which projects can be delayed in order to free up staff to help with emergent needs. Reserve Street planning has not fallen off our radar, but is currently not our highest priority and will likely be delayed until we begin to recover from the public health emergency." 

We hope you all are staying home and are in good health and we look forward to continuing this project when it is deemed safe.


COVID-19 Updates - March

Since our Reserve Street Community Input Forum, we have been working to review forum feedback, develop focus group areas, and identify a variety of individuals to interview. We were just getting ready to reach out to folks about focus groups when Mayor Engen’s directive came to cancel or postpone all non-essential public meetings.

In light of rapidly changing conditions, we are going to pause the focus group effort for the next two weeks and focus on interviewing stakeholders and community leaders, particularly in the areas of concern that were frequently mentioned at the Forum and through the online feedback form.

This pause will likely delay our final community event and we will keep you in the loop as the project continues.

We will reach out again with an update on the focus groups. ​ Please feel free to contact us via email with any questions or concerns. 


For more COVID-19 updates, you can stay informed through the City/County Health Department web site and information line at 406-258-INFO.

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