East Missoula Highway 200 Corridor Plan

Welcome to the East Missoula-Highway 200 Corridor Plan project!  Please continue to visit this site for periodic updates, notice of upcoming public meetings, and related information.


The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization has begun the process for a Corridor Plan on Highway 200 from Van Buren Street to Tamarack Road.  The Corridor Plan will address Highway 200 east of Missoula in three segments:  East Missoula Segment (from I-90 to Brickyard Hill), Western Segment (from Van Buren Street to I-90, and Eastern Segment (from Brickyard Hill to Tamarack Road). 

WGM Group, Inc. (WGM) is providing technical consulting services to prepare the Corridor Plan for the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization. 


Project Overview and Schedule:

Click here for the overview and schedule.

Submitting Comments:

Please send comments to Anne Cossitt, Senior Land Use Planner at acossitt@wgmgroup.com.

Upcoming Events:


Feb 6:  Open House at the East Missoula Fire Hall, 314 E. Missoula Ave, 5:30-7:30

The Open House will provide information on this project to improve highway and land use connections along Highway 200 from Van Buren Street to Tamarack Road.  The Open House will have a variety of discussion stations where we hope to gather thoughts from you and others with a variety of perspectives and experiences with this highway corridor.  We will use information you and others provide at this Open House to help guide development of design alternatives. 



5:30  Open Discussion Stations

5:45  Presentation – Project Overview and Initial Findings

6:15  Continue Discussion at Stations

7:30  Adjourn

Feb 6: Initiate Interactive Online Map

Share ideas about specific places along Highway 200 without attending an in-person open house. Site will be active starting at 5:30 on February 6. 

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