East Missoula Highway 200 Corridor Plan

Welcome to the East Missoula-Highway 200 Corridor Plan project!  Please continue to visit this site for periodic updates, notice of upcoming public meetings, and related information.


The Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization has begun the process for a Corridor Plan on Highway 200 from Van Buren Street to Tamarack Road.  The Corridor Plan will address Highway 200 east of Missoula in three segments:  East Missoula Segment (from I-90 to Brickyard Hill), East Broadway Segment (from Van Buren Street to I-90, and ShaRon-Marshall Segment (from Brickyard Hill to Tamarack Road). 

A Bit of Background – Why Another Plan?

This stretch of highway, in particular the E. Missoula portion, has been the subject of studies and plans by various entities over the past decade or more. The current project is the first to be spearheaded by the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization or MMPO, the federally designated transportation planning entity for this area. The MMPO project takes into account all relevant prior plans, but the new effort is critical for several reasons:


1) It will provide detailed design information for cost estimates, critical for funding eligibility, that is insufficient, outdated, or lacking in other existing reports. Cost estimates are a necessary piece in successfully obtaining funding.

2) It will include a formalized work plan, identifying priorities and funding options, that will lead the way to real on-the-ground changes.

3) It is the necessary next step to ensure projects are ready for funding, when funding becomes available. The largest sources of funding will not fund projects without a plan formally adopted by local government. Adoption of this plan by the MMPO, comprised of city, county and state agencies, will clear the way for major investment by local, state, and federal sources.


Why Include Portions of Highway 200 in Addition to East Missoula?

Major projects to the east and west have been in the planning stages for years and are interconnected to E. Missoula issues. These include:


• Connections to bike-pedestrian paths on either side of E. Missoula

• Addressing safety-traffic concerns with seasonal river-floating

• Congestion and safety issues at Eastgate area near Van Buren

• Pedestrian crossings, transit, and parking issues on north side of Hwy 200 from Van Buren to I-90 interchange

• Missoula College development


The MMPO recognizes the East Missoula segment as a top priority, given the long history of needed improvements there. Including the Van Buren segment (west segment) and ShaRon-Rural segment (east segment) is important because they also directly or indirectly affect the East Missoula segment. It is also efficient and cost-effective to include them now, rather than addressing them later as separate plans.


WGM Group, Inc. (WGM) is providing technical consulting services to prepare the Corridor Plan for the Missoula Metropolitan Planning Organization. 


Project Overview and Schedule:

Click here for the overview and schedule.

Project Documents:

Click here for the Introductory Framework.

Click here for the Technical Analysis.

Submitting Comments:

Please submit comments via Social Pinpoint here.

All comments received by March 15 will be analyzed prior to the design phase. However, the Social Pinpoint comment platform will remain open throughout the planning process. 

Open Houses:

Feb 6:  Open House at the East Missoula Fire Hall, 314 Montana Ave, 5:30-7:30

The Open House provided information on this project to improve highway and land use connections along Highway 200 from Van Buren Street to Tamarack Road.  The Open House will had a variety of discussion stations where we gathered information on a variety of perspectives and experiences with this highway corridor.  We will use information you and others provided at this Open House to help guide development of design alternatives. 


If you weren't able to make it to Open House #1, you can still watch the opening presentation here, and submit comments via Social Pinpoint at the link above.

Check back soon for the next Open House announcement in June!

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