Public Comment Summary

Summary of Comments
(last updated April 15, 2020)


The following comments were received through means of Open House #1, Social Pinpoint online map and comment forum, email or other correspondence, stakeholder interviews, and focus group surveys of East Missoula businesses and bike/pedestrian interests.

Key Issues (numbering does not reflect a priority order)

  1. Railroad/I-90 underpass

  2. Highway 200 through East Missoula

  3. ShaRon river access site

  4. East of Van Buren intersection -- area of merging lanes and turning movements

  5. Need for safe bike/ped options 

1. Railroad/I-90 Underpass


  • Tunnel too narrow for bike/ped user safety

  • I-90 on/off ramps -- safety issues for vehicle turns; poor sight visibility

  • No bike lanes, sidewalk, or other non-motorized infrastructure

  • Dark in tunnel

2. Highway 200 through East Missoula


  • Road and access points are confusing and unsafe with angled streets, parking areas that are not separated from the road, and lack of lighting

  • No bike lanes, sidewalks, or designated pedestrian crossings

  • Frustration that despite previous studies and planning efforts, there has been little to no change

  • Desire to keep East Missoula separate from Missoula

  • Interest in corridor looking like a small town downtown area

  • Need to accommodate existing highway service businesses and freight

  • Safety as fire trucks enter highway from East Missoula station

3. ShaRon River Access


  • Congestion and safety when river season is in full swing

  • Parking issues at access site and along highway

  • Sanitation -- need for restroom access

  • No bike/ped infrastructure or safe access

4. East of Van Buren Intersection


  • Busy intersection not safe for bike/ped users

  • Safety issues with left turns to north side of East Broadway

  • Access to Eastgate Shopping Center congested and unsafe

  • Merging lanes confusing and unsafe

5. Need for Safe Bike/Ped Options


  • Little to no non-motorized infrastructure corridor-wide

  • Poorly lit roadways/lack of visibility around turns

  • No safe crossings